Multiply Elements

Drag multiplies the copies along a straight path defined by the reference line.
Rotate multiplies the copies along an arc, using the angle specified in the reference arc.
Elevate stacks the copies with a vertical displacement. (Not available in 3D Document or Detail/Worksheet window.)
Matrix will place the copies of the selected element(s) to a matrix defined by two perpendicular reference lines. When choosing the Matrix option, you need to define the number of copies for both the first and the second stroke of the matrix. Two parameters for the vertical displacement can also be set.
Number of copies: Enter the number of copies in the multiply operation.
Vertical displacement: If you are multiplying an element in a 2D window, use this field to enter a value (if any) that is added to the elevation of each subsequent copy of the multiplied object, even during dragging, rotating or arraying the copies.
If you are using a vertical displacement as part of the Multiply operation, the Set Home Story by Elevation checkbox appears: if you check it, newly created elements will be assigned a Home Story based on their respective story locations. If you uncheck it, new elements will have the same Home Story as the original element you are multiplying.
Increment spaces the copies by an incremental distance equal to the length of the reference line or reference arc.
Distribute spaces the copies evenly between the start and endpoints of the reference line or reference arc.
Distribute-1 will also space the copies evenly between the starting point and the endpoint of the reference line or arc, but the distance is divided by the Number of copies + 1 and no copy will be placed at the endpoint.
Spread will place the copies of the multiplied element to equal distance from each other along the reference line or arc all the way until the reference is drawn. In this case, instead of defining the number of copies, you set the spacing in length or in degrees between two neighboring copies.
When you have defined your choices, click OK in the Multiply dialog box and perform the operation by dragging the cursor to the desired location.
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