Getting Help on ARCHICAD 20

Note: Shortcut may vary depending on your language version.
Use the Contents tab page in the left pane to browse the hierarchical list of topics. You can extend the tree-view by clicking on a topic to see sub-topics. Click on your topic of choice to open it in the right-hand pane. Click the book icon to close an open topic.
Click the Index tab, then click the first letter of the topic you are interested in. The list of matching topics will be instantly displayed. Select from the list to access the topic you wish to open.
Click the Search tab, then enter your search term in the field.
Use the * key (asterisk) as a wildcard to denote any string of characters in the search.
Use the parentheses (“…”) to search for a particular phrase.
Hit Enter or click the Go button to bring up search results. Click on a selected topic to display it in the right panel.
Click the right-arrow button to move forward to the next topic in the hierarchy.
Click the left-arrow button to move backwards to the previous topic in the hierarchy.
Use the “Back” button of your Internet browser application. (This button may vary depending on your browser.)
Click the circling arrows button to highlight the location of the currently open topic in the Contents hierarchy.
Click the Print button to open the print dialog box to print the current topic from ARCHICAD Help. (Make sure you click with the cursor in the opened Help topic which you want to print.)
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