Structure Property Settings (Energy Evaluation)

U-value refers to the heat transmission coefficient of the selected structure. Use the U-value Calculator to estimate the thermal physics performance of the structures in your projects, based on the physical properties of the structure’s Building Material(s).
Note: For a simpler and faster, but somewhat less accurate method, edit the U-value manually.
Note: These values derive from the Physics Properties panel of ARCHICAD’s Building Materials dialog box. You can edit any of these values manually.
Note: The Calculated U-value shown in this dialog box is based on stationary building component performance data. This kind of data is listed under Key Values/Heat Transfer Coefficients in the Energy Performance Evaluation report. However, Energy Evaluation uses a more accurate, dynamic calculation algorithm to calculate hourly heat transmission through the building envelope structures, when simulating the building energy balance for the reference year. The result of this dynamic analysis is the basis of the Energy Consumption, Carbon Footprint and Monthly Energy Balance data displayed on the Energy Evaluation Report.
To include the effects of thermal bridges, delta U-values are added to the average U-values of structure group entries. The magnitudes of external and internal heat transfer coefficients and the delta U-value depend on the position of the evaluated structure relative to the thermal current. Default settings are offered within Energy Evaluation. However, it is advisable to review and manually override these predefined values if the structural situation demands, or if the standards for the project location are different.
Click the button with the three dots to access the Physical Property Assignment dialog box.
The Physical Property Assignment dialog box lists all Building Materials defined for this project. Those Building Materials actually used in this project are shown here with a checkmark in the far left column. Each listed fill is shown with the relevant physics properties that are assigned to it.
Note: These values derive from the Physical Properties panel of the Building Materials dialog box (Options > Element Attributes > Building Materials).
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