Custom Stair Based on Manually Drawn Elements

Custom stairs can be generated from a set of manually drawn elements using the Line, Arc and Fill tools. Design > Design Extras > Create Stair Using Selection command launches the StairMaker add-on to allow you to add the necessary options and details of the custom-made geometry.
With the Create Stair Using Selection tool (Design > Design Extras), you can create custom stairs from a stair contour and a line of travel designed with ARCHICAD’s 2D drawing tools.
Draw the exact contour of the stair with the Fill tool. The fill that defines the stair cannot contain any holes.
Notes: The endpoints of the line of travel must snap exactly to the sides of the fill polygon but cannot connect adjacent edges or nodes of the fill polygon. Corners within the line of travel define landings. If the connection of two segments of the line of travel is not tangential, it will define a landing.
Choose the Design > Design Extras > Create Stair Using Selection command in order to transform these floor plan symbols into a stair object.
Note: If the defined geometry cannot be interpreted by StairMaker, you will receive a warning message describing the problem. Make the necessary changes according to the rules of the stair definition, and try again.
When finished, click the OK button to automatically create the stair and save it in the Embedded Objects folder of Library Manager.
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