Structure and Landing (StairMaker)

Note: This tab page is part of the StairMaker editing window. To access it, activate the ARCHICAD Stair tool. From the Info box, click Create Stair or (for a selected Stair) Edit Stair.
In the Structure section, you can choose among five ways to model the stair in 3D and edit the related parameters.
Note: When the stair construction is changed, the fields for treads and nosing may change as well, according to the current construction options.
StairMaker makes clean intersections at the bottom of the stair between the runs and landings if you click the Clean Intersections button at the bottom of the Landing section. The following dialog box will appear:
In the Attributes section of the Structure tab page, you can define the pencolor used for the Stair’s contour and the Surfaces of each of the Stair’s sides in the 3D Window and PhotoRendering.
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