Railings (StairMaker)

Note: This tab page is part of the StairMaker editing window. To access it, activate the ARCHICAD Stair tool. From the Info box, click Create Stair or (for a selected Stair) Edit Stair.
The types and parameters of the selected railing are set in the Railing Setting section. The available railing types are listed in the pop-up menu placed at the top of the dialog box. The content of the pop-up window depends on the available definitions. In the railing preview area (above the stair-rail type pop-up) you can see the small image of the selected railing type.
Note: If you do not want the railing to go all the way from the bottom to the top of the stair, you can achieve this by using the Lower Overhang and/or Upper Overhang controls: If you set negative values to these options, then the railing will start/end with the overhang value that you defined.
Using the Snap to Corner checkbox, the program automatically places posts to the segment ends and places additional posts on the segments according to the rule defined above.
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