Geometry and Flight Settings (StairMaker)

Note: This tab page is part of the StairMaker editing window. To access it, activate the ARCHICAD Stair tool. From the Info box, click Create Stair or (for a selected Stair) Edit Stair.
Bottom right in the dialog box, Tread Settings are shown. By setting these parameters, you can define the geometry of the Treads or the angle of the Slope, based on the same geometry. To the right of these fields, the longitudinal section of the stair is shown, giving you instant feedback on your changes.
Note: Stair geometry definition is based on the (2*Riser) + Run rule. Every time you modify a parameter, StairMaker checks that the (2*Riser) + Run parameter is still in the appropriate range. In addition to this hierarchy, you may lock one or more parameters by clicking on the lock button. Locked parameters will not be modified. If parameters need changing, StairMaker will skip locked parameters and look for the next value in the hierarchy. If editing is not possible without changing a locked parameter or if too many parameters are locked, an alert will appear.
Note: The break line used for GDL Stair symbols is conceptually similar to the Floor Plan Cut Plane used for ARCHICAD construction elements, but the break line is unrelated to the cut plane.
Note: Some other Winder-type Stairs available from StairMaker use a different parameter logic.
Note: You cannot define radial winders for this stair type.
The Plain corner is the “normal” corner shape. When you start editing a new stair, all corners are plain.
Choose the Chamfer radio button from the dialog box. Editable text fields appear where you can edit the chamfer length. Enter a value and click OK.
Now fillet the other corner.
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