Search for Library Part

Search Active Library: Search in linked libraries, the Embedded Library, and BIM Server Libraries you have downloaded
Search Favorites: Search only among the saved Favorites for this tool
Search BIM Components Portal: Search only on BIM Components Portal, a searchable and interactive depository of objects contributed by ARCHICAD users or uploaded by GRAPHISOFT.
From the context menu of a Library Part in the Settings dialog box, use Search for Name from the context menu. This will copy the name and add it to the Search field. For example, use this to search for Favorites based on a particular found Library Part.
The Found Library Parts panel in the browser area displays your search results.
Use Select in Library to switch to the library view and see this in the context of its library hierarchy
Exception: Some of the BIM Components-based hits will be marked with a key. Such objects are available only to users with some type of premium service agreement. (This may vary by market; contact your distributor.)
Note: The “Found Library Parts” section will display a maximum of 50 of all the library parts found on BIM Components; if more are found, you can see the remaining hits by clicking on the More elements… link at the bottom of the dialog box.
Go to BIM Components Portal: Click to enter
See BIM Components for more information about this web page.
Download and Embed: Click to download the library part to your Embedded Library.
To clear the Search, use Clear Search from the pop-up menu:
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