Open and Edit Library Part

Go to File > Libraries and Objects > Open Object.
If it is an editable GDL Object: Click to Open the GDL Object Editor. (Reserve the editing window, if it is not reserved already), and make the necessary edits.
If it is a non-editable GDL Object (e.g. located in a linked library): Click View to see its settings in GDL Object Editor. You cannot modify the object settings here. Use Library Manager to extract the library part to a local folder, then edit it and reload it to the project.
If it is another type of editable library part: Click the dropdown to choose the application in which to open and edit the selected library part.
Note: In Library Manager, the contents of PLA and LCF files are shown expanded into a tree view. To access the contents (a library part), select the item, choose Duplicate or Export, and provide a folder location. The folder is then opened, with the content available for editing.
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