Further Resources on GDL Object Creation

See the GDL Center, GRAPHISOFT’s GDL knowledge base, at gdl.graphisoft.com.
The GDL Reference Guide will help you learn to apply ARCHICAD’s powerful Geometric Description Language for dressing up your Project with objects, ornaments and other details of your own design. It includes a section on Basic Technical Standards.
GRAPHISOFT has created an Interactive Training Guide on “Building Objects Creation,” available at http://www.graphisoft.com/learning/training_materials/.
David Nicholson Cole’s GDL Cookbook, aimed at both entry-level and advanced GDL programmers, is available free at http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/~lazwww/cookbook/.
A more recent learning material is the GDL Handbook by Andrew Watson for novice and experienced users also.
GDL Advanced Technical Standards contains GRAPHISOFT’s official standards for professional library developers; this information is part of ARCHICAD’s Basic Library documentation, and can be downloaded free of charge from GRAPHISOFT’s website at:
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