BIM Components

BIM Components, at, is a public website containing GDL objects and surfaces. Anyone can access the portal to browse, search, view and even download these files for free.
Search. Find specific objects or surfaces, using an interface just like that of ARCHICAD Object Settings.
Browse. If you like, use the “tag cloud” (word cloud) to browse the most popular items.
Register. The process is simple – provide your email address or an existing GRAPHISOFT ID. After successful registration, you will receive a Registration Number, which you will need in order to share an object or surface from ARCHICAD.
Share. You can share both individual GDL Objects and LCF (Library Containment) files, as well as surface attributes. (Use LCF if you want to share a whole family of objects at once.) As part of the Share process, you can specify an attribute set by selecting your language template, ensuring that the object will work for others the way it works for you.
Participate. Comment on and rate the items you find to help other users find the most suitable one, and to help developers create even better content.
Note: Before sharing an object to, you must obtain a registration number. (See above.)
the File > Libraries and Objects > Share Object command
The Share Object command from the context menu of a placed object.
The Share Selected Element dialog box appears.
Note: Before the Share process can proceed, a background check is run to ascertain that the object’s parameters (e.g. copyright definition) and the user’s license information are correct.
Enter an Author. (If you leave this blank, the name you used to register on will be used as the author.)
Assign a Copyright. Two options are available here:
Note: A third type of copyright, Commercial, can be assigned in the GDL Editor window. Objects with a commercial copyright, however, cannot be shared to
Password (available only if the copyright is Attribution-NoDerivs”). Click Set Password to define an optional password. Such objects can be freely viewed and downloaded, but the user cannot open the object to edit or copy its script without a password. If the object already has a password, the Change Password button allows you to modify it.
Description. Enter a description of the object. ARCHICAD’s object search function will search (among other fields) the description field for the entered search terms. While optional, a detailed description is recommended, including the functions and purpose of the object, so that other users will be able to locate it.
Share; or
Share and Save. (This saves any changes to the object data in your Embedded Library as well as to
Note: the Share and Save command is not available in the following cases:
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