Property Manager

Use the Property Manager (Options > Property Manager) to create and manage the set of properties for this project and customize their availability for the various element classifications.
Note: For information on assigning property values to individual elements, see Assign and Edit Property Values in Element Settings.
To narrow the list of properties shown, use the Search and Filter icons at the top of the list:
To view the full list of properties again, choose All Element Classifications from the filter list.
Open the Property Manager dialog box at Options > Property Manager.
Click the New button at the bottom of the dialog box
Click the Plus sign to the right of any Group name
In the Add Property/Group dialog box: Choose a radio button for either a new Property or Group, then enter its name.
Add to group: For a new property, choose the group into which it should be placed.
Optionally, check “Duplicate of” to duplicate the values of an existing property or group (from the drop-down list) under a new name.
Click OK to create the new item.
Choose a Data Type from the right side of Property Manager:
General: Can be any text or number (e.g. for the “Manufacturer” property)
Integer: A whole number (e.g. for the “Sound Transmission Class” property)
Number: Any number expressed in decimals (e.g. for the “Purchase Price” property). The number of decimals displayed is set at Options > Preferences > Working Units.)
Tags List: Can be a tag or series of tags (e.g. Building A, Floor 2, Common Use, Kitchenette)
Option Set: Provides a fixed set of options (e.g. for the “Fire Resistance Rating” property)
True/False (e.g. for the “Combustible” property)
Use Options Setup to list a set of specific values that the user can choose from when defining this property for a particular element.
Click Add to add a new option (type a value into the New Option line).
Check Allow multiple choices to enable the user to choose more than one value for this property in Element Settings (or the Info Box).
Use the Availability controls in Property Manager to define which properties go with which Element Classification. For any Properties or Groups selected on the left, select Element Classifications on the right.
All: The groups or properties selected on the left will be available in the Settings dialog boxes of all 3D elements (regardless of their Element Classification)
None: The groups or properties selected on the left will not be available for any elements in the project. (You might set certain properties to None if the current project does not use them, yet you still want to use them in other phases of the same project, or other projects, e.g. in a template).
Custom: Click this option, then click Edit to select the Element Classifications that should use this property or group.
The groups or properties selected on the left will now be available in the Settings dialog boxes only for the elements having one of the Element Classifications you have checked here.
After making edits in Property Manager, click OK to accept the changes and close the dialog box. At this point, you can use Undo/Redo to undo/redo the Property Manager edits.
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