Building Information Data

Parameters – used to defined an element’s geometry – are fixed data types, having a specific set of possible values. Parameters determine the model element and its appearance.
Categories are fixed data types whose values determine an element’s behavior (e.g. Renovation Status, Structural Position).
Element Properties are user-defined data types optionally assigned to an element to describe it and provide additional, searchable information (e.g. serial number). Element properties have no effect on the element’s behavior.
Element Classification allows you to more precisely define an element’s project-specific function. This Classification, in turn, defines the element’s available properties, and/or determines how it should be interpreted in data exchange with other disciplines (e.g. IFC).
To define values for these types of Building Information Data, you will generally use the element’s Info Box, and the Categories and Properties panel of Tool Settings. The Property Manager is a dedicated interface to create and manage Element Properties.
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Element Properties

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