Moving Wall Openings

Use the Drag, Rotate, Mirror and Elevate commands to move wall openings (i.e. Doors and Windows). All these operations are available in the Floor Plan, Section/Elevation/IE windows and the 3D Window, for slanted and straight Walls only.
To rotate Doors and Windows, select the opening and click the Rotate command (from Edit menu or pet palette). The selected opening will rotate by 180 degrees around its center (there is no need to draw any vector). Any number of openings can be rotated at the same time.
Note: Rotated text blocks, labels, dimensions and fill polygon area labels are always readable from the bottom and the right side of the drawing.
To mirror a Door or Window, select the opening and click the Mirror command (from Edit menu or pet palette, or use Ctrl+M). The pencil cursor appears. Click either on an edge of the host wall or outside the wall. The Door/Window will be mirrored (with its opening direction flipped laterally) along the axis where you click. If you click outside the host Wall, the mirroring axis is the line perpendicular to the Wall at the clicked point. (With trapezoidal walls, the mirroring axis is perpendicular to the reference axis.)
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