Creating Zones

manually draw the contour of a zone (using the Polyline, Rectangular or Rotated Rectangular Methods); or
Note: Columns cannot serve as the enclosing boundary of a zone.
Both automatic recognition methods, Inner Edge and Reference Line, are based on the fact that most Zones are surrounded by Walls and the only openings in them are Doors and Windows.
If you choose the Inner Edge method, ARCHICAD will always define the zone area by the inner edges of walls.
If you choose the Reference Line method, ARCHICAD considers the reference lines of the walls as the boundaries of the zone. Note that even if you constructed Walls with the reference line placed on the external edge, the Zone fill does not overlap the wall symbol until you choose Bring to Front from the Edit > Display Order.
Note: In case of a slanted or complex wall, the Reference Line method will not consider the wall’s reference line, but rather its inner edge.
You can draw a Line, Arc or Spline to serve as a zone boundary if you check the Zone Boundary checkbox in its Line Settings dialog boxes.
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