Walls and Other Elements

The Connect commands can trim Walls to Roofs or Shells.
The Adjust Elements to Slabs function lets you adjust Walls to specific levels of one or more Slabs that are located above and/or below them.
Walls can be connected to Curtain Walls using the Design > Connect > Join Wall(s) to Curtain Wall command.
Relation to Zones: In the Model Panel of Wall settings, define how the Wall should behave in relation to zones: as a zone boundary (delimiter), or whether its area/volume should be subtracted from the zone it is in, or whether it should have no effect at all on a zone.
Now, check the PolyWall Corners Can Change box in the Geometry and Positioning section of the Wall Settings dialog box (available when a PolyWall is selected).
This effect is visible if you turn on View > On-Screen View Options > Clean Wall & Beam Intersections.
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