Creating Slabs

With the first icon on the left, you can create a Polygonal Slab. Just like for Walls, the pet palette appears and allows you to draw straight and curved segments for the Slab’s outline.
The second and third icon allow you to create a Rectangular or a Rotated Rectangular Slab. The rectangle is defined by placing two opposing corner nodes. A rectangle Slab is always aligned orthogonally with the normal grid. The Rotated Rectangular method requires that you first define a rotation vector, then drag the cursor in a perpendicular direction to complete the slab.
(Remember that the model’s Partial Structure Display settings will affect the display of composite Slabs.)
If the structure of the slab is a composite, then the slab’s thickness is defined in Options > Element Attributes > Composites, and equals the sum of the skins’ thicknesses.
Note: You can edit a selected composite by accessing its settings from its context menu:
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