Customize Edge of Roof or Roof Hole

Select the Custom Edge Settings icon to open the dialog box.
Angle: Choose an angle (vertical, horizontal, perpendicular, custom) for the roof edge. If you choose custom, enter the desired angle value in the field at right.
Note: You can set a horizontal edge angle only if the selected edge is parallel to the pivot line, on a roof that is not flat.
Note: If you have clicked an edge that is the common joint of two selected single-plane roofs, an additional, “Mitered” option is available. Choose this to create a mitered joint along the selected roof edges.
Note: By default, the Surface material applied to a Roof edge derives from the Building Material assigned to the Roof. You can override all edge surfaces of the Roof, using the controls in the Model Panel of Roof Settings. The Custom Edge Settings offers a further way to customize the surface of any one or more Roof Edges.
Surface: Click the Surface override button, then choose a custom surface for the roof edge(s).
If so, check the box at the bottom of Roof Settings (Apply changes to custom planes/edges too). If you do not check the box, your custom edge surfaces remain the way you set them.
Edge Type: Optionally, choose a type for the roof edge.
Apply Changes to: Once you have set the options as needed, choose the edges to which to apply these changes:
Clicked Edge will apply the options you choose below (angle, surface, edge type) only to the edge you clicked when bringing up the pet palette.
Selected Polygon will apply the chosen options to the edges of the roof only or the edges of the hole only, depending on which one is selected.
All Edges will apply the chosen options to all edges of the roof as well as all edges of its holes.
Click OK to apply changes.
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