Morph Edge Type: Hard, Hidden, Soft

Morph edges, if hard, can be selected and edited.
Hidden edges are simply hard edges that you have manually selected and set to be hidden.
Soft edges are automatically generated during editing and smoothing operations, and within any curved Morph shapes; they are hidden by default and cannot be selected.
Use Design > Modify Morph > Show Hidden Morph Geometry.
From the pet palette, by choosing the Custom Edge Settings command.
Apply Changes to: Once you have set the options as needed, choose the edges to which to apply these changes:
Note: These options are only available from the Custom Edge Settings dialog box, if you selected the entire Morph before bringing up the pet palette. If you selected only one or more edges, then your changes are applied only to the selected edges, and you have no other options here.
Clicked Edges will apply the chosen edge type only to the edge you clicked when bringing up the pet palette.
All Similar Edges will apply the chosen options to all edges in the selected Morph which had the same initial setting as the one you changed. For example, if you change the Edge type from “Hard” to “Hidden,” all of this Morph’s hard edges change to hidden.
All Edges will apply the chosen type to all edges of the selected Morph.
Click OK to apply changes.
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