Display of Meshes

Note: The Floor Plan outlines of Meshes and Slabs on remote stories (if they are shown on stories other than their home stories) are displayed using the line type set in Project Preferences > Legacy.
There are two types of ridges in a mesh: user-defined and generated ridges. Each generated ridge connects two mesh points at different heights that are not already connected by a user-defined ridge.
If the Show All Ridges option is selected, ARCHICAD will also show the ridges generated through the connecting mesh nodes. (This control is located in Mesh Tool Settings). Generated ridges are shown only if they connect points that differ in elevation.
All Ridges Sharp: Show the mesh in the 3D window with sharply connecting triangles.
User Defined Sharp: Show the mesh surfaces with sharply connecting User Defined Ridges, and with smoothly connecting surfaces everywhere else.
All Ridges Smooth: Show the mesh with smoothly connecting surfaces.
If you choose All Ridges Smooth, only user-defined ridges will appear in 3D view.
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