Home Story

On the Floor Plan, a new element’s Home Story is the one defined in its Tool Settings dialog box: by default the current story, but you can choose a different Home Story. In any case, the element will be placed onto its Home Story.
If you place the element in the 3D Window, the Home Story depends on the element’s elevation: the closest story below the element’s bottom elevation, at the time the element is placed, will be its Home Story. (If the 3D Window is active, the Home Story control and the offset from Home Story field in the Default Tool Settings dialog are grayed out. However, you can still set the bottom elevation from Project Zero in the Tool Settings dialog boxes.)
Note: For reasons of compatibility with older ARCHICAD versions, you can redefine the Home Story in such a way that the element stays in place. See Relink Home Story.
Default: The element’s Home Story will be the current story.
Alternatively, choose a different story from this pop-up, or (if there are too many stories to list here) click Select Story to bring up the full list of stories. Choose one onto which to place the element: this will be its Home Story.
Use the Edit > Element Settings > Relink Home Story command to redefine a selected element’s Home Story. The element will stay in place even as its Home Story changes.
If you place the element in the 3D Window, the Home Story will be defined not according to the Settings dialog box (where the control is grayed out), but rather by elevation: that is, the story beneath the element’s reference point, at the time the element is placed.
Note: For a Shell, this reference point is the first point used to draw the Shell (not the bottommost point).
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