Column Display

Note: Each Building Material has a separate Intersection Priority, set in the Building Materials dialog box.
Roofs/Shells and Columns: Columns can be trimmed to Roofs or Shells.
Columns and Slabs: The Adjust Elements to Slabs function lets you adjust Columns to specific levels of one or more Slabs that are located above and/or below them.
Relation to Zones: In the Model Panel of Column settings, define how the Column should behave in relation to zones: as a zone boundary (delimiter), or whether its area/volume should be subtracted from the zone it is in, or whether it should have no effect at all on a zone.
Columns in ARCHICAD are made up of two components: the load-bearing core and the optional veneer, used to simulate fire proofing or any kind of sheathing around the core.
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