Work Environment for the Layout Phase

ARCHICAD allows you to fit your work environment to the tasks and skills required for the current phase of the project development. This means that you can choose a dedicated Work Environment Profile (Layouting), which concentrates only on the features that you currently need for constructing the layout book.
Note for ARCHICAD 9 users: ARCHICAD 9 included PlotMaker as a stand-alone application to handle layouts and documentation. As of ARCHICAD 10, these functions are all integrated into ARCHICAD.
You may wish to activate the Layouts and Drawings toolbar (from Window > Toolbars) to have quick access to frequently used commands.
When the Layout Book is active, you can assign a separate pen set applicable to the Layout Book only. When defining these attributes, the Options > Pens and Colors command indicates that these attributes apply to elements placed on layouts in the Layout Book, rather than for the project’s Model Views.
There is a single Layer set for the entire Virtual Building, but you can define separate layer settings for the Layout Book and for Model views.
Note: Layer settings for the Layout Book serve to show/hide elements directly placed on layouts, such as lines, texts and drawings as a whole. Layout Book layers do not affect the drawing content, which is determined by the layers of its associated view.
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