Modifying Drawings on the Layout

With the Edit > Move > Multiply command, you can create multiple copies of the same Drawing and then customize each copy.
Note: The Layout’s Pen Set affects elements placed directly on the Layout (such as Master Layout items like the Title Block). The Drawing’s pen set affects the content of placed drawings and is assigned in Drawing Settings.
The View Drawing’s own Pen Set button lets you access, edit, and rename this pen set, if desired.
Alternatively, use the Pen Set drop-down in Drawing Settings to choose any other pen set from the project’s pen sets.
Selecting the Edit > Explode into Current View command will deconstruct selected elements into drawing primitives (points, lines and fills). The appearing dialog box gives you the choice to keep the original elements along with the primitives, or replace the original elements with the drawing primitives. In the latter case, the placed drawing will be deleted.
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