The Layout Book

Each ARCHICAD project file includes a Layout Book whose content is displayed in a tree structure in the Layout Book Map of the Navigator or Organizer Palette.
Click the Layout Book map in the Navigator or Organizer to access the project’s Layout Book.
In the Layout Book, you can organize Layouts into subsets (represented by folders). Every Layout is associated with a Master Layout that defines its size and some other attributes. This helps automate such tasks as the inclusion of a company logo.
Tree by Subset (the default display) lists layouts according to the Subsets you have created – a freely defined logic. (The primary function of Subsets is to enable you to assign a customized numbering system.) The Tree also shows the names of the drawings that belong to each Layout.
Tree by Master lists the Layouts according to their Master Layouts.
Tree by current issue lists only the Layouts that have been added to the latest Issue.
Note: In this case, the proportionate distance of the Drawing from the Layout origin remains unchanged.
Important: Operations involving Navigator/Organizer items (such as drag and drop between Navigator maps, deleting items from a map, or adding items to the Publisher set) are not added to the undo queue, and are not undoable.
Update: Updates the status of the selected Drawing (or the Drawing(s) on the selected Layout).
Delete selected item
Use commands of the Document > Layout Book menu
Note: Another way to gain an overview of Layouts or Drawings in your project, or to sort them by criteria, is the Project Index function.
Subset Properties include the Subset ID and Subset name. These properties are editable.
the Layout ID and Layout Name. These properties are editable.
the Master Layout assigned to this Layout. Use the list to assign a different Master Layout if needed.
the Size of the Layout.
the Layout’s latest Layout Revision number and the name of the Issue it belongs to (if any).
Drawing ID and Drawing Name. These properties are editable.
the Path of the source of the Drawing
the Drawing Scale and the Drawing Size
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