Change Manager Palette

Show Change Manager from the pop-up menu at the upper left corner of the Navigator/Organizer
Note: Change Markers placed as “unlinked” are not listed in Change Manager. Unlinked Change Markers are graphical elements that are not linked to anything, but you can link them at any time to existing Changes.
Unissued Changes: Changes that are not yet issued have a blue cloud icon
Note: A Change that has not yet been issued on the currently active Layout is also listed in blue type in the Change Manager. (The Layout window must be open for this feedback to be visible.)
Issued Changes: Changes that have been issued on at least one Layout revision have a cloud icon with a green Issue icon on it. (These changes can still be added to other Layout revisions.)
Archived Changes: Optionally, you can archive some or all of your Issued changes and list them separately in the Change Manager. (See Archive Changes in Change Manager.)
Changes in external files: Changes (except Archived Changes) that arrive in the host file via a Hotlink or external drawing are shown with a lock icon. (See Changes from External Files.)
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