Change Details

Change ID: This value is mandatory and must be unique for each Change. With each new Change, the last number is automatically increased by one.
Name: This optional value will serve as the name of the Change. By default, the previous Change Name is shown here, but you can modify it as you like.
Last Modified: Time/date of last modification of the Change Details. Linking or unlinking elements or markers does not count as a Change modification. (Once a Change is issued, you can no longer edit this field.)
Last Modified by: User name who carried out the last modification (relevant for Teamwork projects). (Once a Change is issued, you can no longer edit this field.)
Click Scheme from the New Change or the Change Details dialog box to open the Edit Change Scheme dialog box.
Click Add to add another field.
Click Add to add another custom field, or Delete to delete it.
Click Export to save your Change Scheme as an xml file.
Then you can Import it for use in other project files.
Access Change Details: right-click and select the Change Details command, or double-click on the Change, or click the Change Details button.
Note: Details of Changes from external projects cannot be edited.
Note: In Teamwork, you must reserve the Change Manager before modifying Change Details. Without reserving, you can only modify the details of Changes which you created and which have not yet been sent to the server.
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