Spell Checker


The Document > Annotation > Spell Checker command allows you to check the spelling of your ARCHICAD project.
Note: Spell Checker is not available for text-type windows.
On Windows, Spell Checker uses Microsoft Word’s Spelling Check, which means that you must have Microsoft Word installed on your computer together with the dictionary of the language you are using. In Microsoft Word, use File > Options > Language to set your desired preferences.
On Mac, Spell Checker uses MacOS system preferences. Go to System Preferences > Language & Region to set these preferences.
In both cases, ARCHICAD’s Spell Checker will use these preferences.
Warning: On Windows, Spell Checker relies on Microsoft technology. ARCHICAD can only locate Word’s Spell Checker if its pointer is correctly written in the Windows Registry. If you have properly installed Microsoft Office, Spell Checker will work without any problem. If you have manually modified the location of Microsoft Word, ARCHICAD will not be able to use its spell checking features. Moreover, the Spelling commands must be installed with Word.
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