Symbol Labels for Element Information

Symbol Labels can display all kinds of element information on the drawing, for example the skins of a composite Wall.
Identification and Property Label: Can be placed on any element; displays the Element ID.
Dimension Label: Displays the element’s dimensions (length, width, height, thickness), surface area and volume in rows.
Surface Label: Displays the name of the element surface as selected in Label Settings.
Generic Label: Displays the desired element parameters in table form.
Door Window Stamp: Displays the desired parameters of a Door or Window, in table form: ID, dimensions, performance rating, surface, etc.
Categories and Properties Label: Displays the parameters that have been defined for this element in its Categories and Properties panel (Element Settings), in table form.
Elevation Label: Displays the top and bottom elevation of the labeled element. For Slabs, choose either Core or Finish as the reference point.
Skin List Label: Can be placed on elements that can be composite (Wall, Slab, Roof or Shell), or on a Fill element.
Composite or Profile Name: Depending on element structure, the label displays the name of the Composite Structure, Complex Profile, or (for basic structures) its Building Material.
Curtain Wall Panel Label: Displays the desired parameters of a selected Curtain Wall Panel: ID, dimensions, Sill Height to Floor, fire/acoustic rating.
Note: For each label, Custom Label Settings provides information on which element types it can be applied to.
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