Linear Dimension Geometry Methods

Geometry Methods for Linear Dimensions are set in the Info Box.
Note: There are additional Geometry Methods for use in the 3D Document window.
The default Any Direction method enables you to create dimension chains at a variety of positions relative to the element’s position: either parallel to the first two reference points placed, or horizontal/vertical, or parallel to another edge/surface of your choice.
Note: In the 3D Document window, you must align the dimension to the edge of a construction element – line segments do not work.
The X-Y Only method restricts the dimension line zones to horizontal and vertical only, relative to the screen.
The Arc Length method allows you to dimension curved elements.
Double-click anywhere in the workspace with the Empty Pencil cursor or click the OK button in the Control Box to finish selecting arc points for dimensioning.
Click with the Hammer cursor to place the dimension chain.
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