Graphical Editing of Text Box and Pointer Line

Note: Favorites of the Text tool can be applied to the text-type items in Dimensions and Labels, and to Fill Text.
Use the Quick Selection cursor
Note: If the Text box also has a Pointer Line, the Lock Angle control affects the range of graphical editing. If it is ON, the Pointer Line’s starting angle remains fixed, limiting the edit possibilities.
To undo the position changes of all modified dimension text items, go to Document > Annotation and click the Revert All Dimension Text to Automatic Position command.
To reset the position of a selected custom text item, check the Revert to Automatic Position box at the bottom of Dimension Text Settings.
Check Revert to Automatic Position in Dimension Text Settings
Any time you manually turn on a Pointer Line for an existing Dimension, it remains visible until you check Revert to Automatic Position.
Use the Copy command (Edit > Copy or Ctrl/Cmd + C)
Paste the dimension text (Edit > Paste or Ctrl/Cmd + V) – for example, to a text box or onto a Layout.
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