Automatic Exterior Dimensioning

Go to Document > Annotation > Automatic Dimensioning > Exterior Dimensioning. Set the desired options.
Choose the Document > Annotation > Automatic Dimensioning > Exterior Dimensioning command to open this dialog box.
Opening Center: The dimension will be placed at each opening’s axis.
Opening Endpoints: Dimensions will be placed at either end of the opening, according to the definition you choose here:
Note: If Egress and Leaf Size are not the nominal sizes, they can be dimensioned here only if you first activate the “Show Additional Hotspots for Doors/Windows” checkbox in the “Options for GDL Objects” panel of Model View Options (Document > Model View). (In earlier library versions, hotspots must be activated by using the corresponding parameters of the library parts.)
Note: If you automatically dimension doors placed from the ARCHICAD 12 or ARCHICAD 11 libraries, and if you choose Leaf or Egress size as the preferred door dimension, the door’s height value will not be shown unless you choose Leaf or Egress as the Nominal value in Door Settings. (Door widths will be dimensioned without any problem.) If you automatically dimension doors placed from earlier ARCHICAD versions, only the Wallhole and Nominal Size options will work.
Dimension Structures: The linear dimension of the element itself, such as wall thickness
Note: This function takes into account the “Dimension only the Core of Walls and Slabs” checkbox in the Dimension Details panel of Dimension Tool Settings. If this dimension tool checkbox is ON, then only the core structures will be dimensioned. Also, Walls with no Core will be ignored.
Dimension External Geometry: The linear dimensions of extruding elements, such as a facade.
Overall Dimension: A single dimension line that runs the length of the selected element set.
Distance Between Dimension Lines: Enter a distance using the working units currently set in ARCHICAD.
Place Dimensions on Four Sides: Check this box to automatically place dimension lines on all four sides of the bounding box of the selected elements.
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