Note: “Static” Dimensions are not associative.
Linear Dimensions display element lengths, both curved and straight.
Elevation Dimensions (a construction method of the Linear Dimension tool) display height values in Section/Elevation/IE and 3D Document views.
Level Dimensions display height values on the Floor Plan.
Radial Dimensions display the radius of curved elements.
Angle Dimensions display the angle in degrees between pairs of lines or edges.
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Static Dimensions

Static Dimensions are not associative. When a static dimension is placed, its reference point is rectangular. ...

Elevation Dimensions

A special case of the linear Dimension tool is the Elevation Dimensioning construction method. Elevation Dimensions allow you to ...

Radial Dimensions

Radial Dimensions display the value of the radius of a curved element. Radial dimensions have two main parts: the ...

Level Dimensions

Level Dimensions are associative, point-level elevation markers that display the story height or an element’s vertical ...

Editing Dimensions

Topics in this section: Selecting Dimensions Insert New Dimension Point Delete a Dimension Point Move ...