Info Box

An Info Box is available for each tool in the toolbox. When you activate a tool or select a placed element, its Info Box palette will display current settings for that tool/element. If several elements are selected, the Info Box displays the controls for the last selected element.
Note: If the Info Box is not visible on screen, use Windows > Palettes > Info Box.
Selected/Editable: The current Info Box gives you feedback on the number of Selected Elements, as well as how many of those are Editable. Changes made to Info Box settings will affect the Editable elements. (An element might not be Editable if it is on a locked layer.)
Default Settings. If there is no selection, the Info Box displays the active tool’s Default Settings.
You can customize the order and visibility of panels in each Tool’s Info Box: go to Options > Work Environment and open the Info Box Customization Dialog Box.
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