Favorites Palette

Open this Palette at Windows > Palettes > Favorites.
Choose a display preference: List View, or Medium or Large Icons.
Choose either 2D or 3D Previews from the Additional Settings pop-up (from any Favorites interface):
Note: To switch on the fly between the 3D and 2D preview of any Favorite, hover your cursor over the preview and click Shift.
Use the folder chooser to navigate. (If the tree view is visible, the folder chooser is automatically hidden.)
To see only the Favorites of the active tool: choose Filter to Active Tool Only from the Settings pop-up (this option is active by default):
Enable the Filter Folders Automatically option to hide any folder that has no visible content.
Add new folders using the New Folder button.
Drag and drop Favorites or folders from the list into any folder. (Press Alt/Ctrl to drag a copy.)
From the Favorites Palette, select a Favorite, or a folder.
Delete (also available for multi-selection)
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