About Surfaces

Surfaces can be created or modified in the Surface Settings Dialog Box (Options > Element Attributes > Surfaces). Surfaces defined here are then assigned to construction elements through Building Materials (which include a Fill and a Surface).
Vectorial Hatching is a vectorial fill pattern used with a Surface. In the Vectorial Hatching panel of Surface Settings, choose a vectorial hatching from one of the project’s defined vectorial fill types.
Note: When assigning a 3D Vectorial Hatching in the Surfaces dialog box, you can access only fills defined as Cover Fills.
Textures are image files that can be assigned to surfaces to give them a more realistic look and feel. They are displayed in PhotoRenderings, and in the 3D window using the OpenGL Engine.
use the Vectorial Engine (View > 3D View Options)
use the OpenGL engine (View > 3D View Options)
make sure the Textures box is checked in OpenGL options (click Advanced Options from 3D Window Settings).
Note: You can customize the orientation and origin of textures in 3D views.
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