Surface Painter Palette

Note: Before using the Surface Painter feature, make sure you are not working in “legacy” intersection mode. (Uncheck this option at Options > Project Preferences > Legacy.)
By default, the Content Panel of Surface Painter (at left in the image below) lists all the surface attributes of the current project.
The Paint mode icon is active when you are in Paint mode. (See Override Surfaces With Surface Painter.)
Use the Pick Up Surfaces command to click any project element to select its surface in the Surface Painter.
Use the Search field to narrow the set of displayed surfaces and/or to add new surfaces to your project. (See Search for Surface and Add Surface to Project, below.)
Use the commands of the pop-up menu to customize palette display. (See Customize the Surface Painter Palette, below.)
Display surface previews for either CineRender or OpenGL engines
Search Project: Searches among all the surface attributes of this project
Search Loaded Catalogs: Searches in surface catalogs added to the Library Manager
Search BIM Components – Searches only on BIM Components, an interactive depository of objects and surfaces contributed by ARCHICAD users or uploaded by GRAPHISOFT.
Click Clear Search to return to the full content panel.
Note: In Teamwork, the Add to Project function is available only if you have the “Create Surface” permission.
Note: Since a surface also includes a vectorial hatching, adding a new surface to the project might result in adding a new fill attribute, too: if a fill with the exact same name is not already part of the project, it will be added as a new one.
Note: In Teamwork, this function is available only if you have the “Create Surface” permission.
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