Add-Ons and Goodies


Add-Ons are small applications that extend ARCHICAD’s core functionality. Many add-ons are integrated as ARCHICAD menu commands.
Goodies are other Add-Ons that are not integrated into ARCHICAD’s default interface.
See Goodies.
Managing Add-Ons
Open the Add-On Manager using Options > Add-On Manager command.
Use the Add-On Manager to:
Load Add-Ons from any location. They will be loaded after the next startup of ARCHICAD
Permanently remove Add-Ons while ARCHICAD is running
Control which Add-Ons should load automatically when ARCHICAD is started
Show information about the loaded Add-Ons
Menu Location of Add-On Functions
You can freely customize visibility and the menu and toolbar location of these integrated add-ons in the settings dialogs of Options > Work Environment > Menus/Toolbars.
The location of these additional add-ons in the menu structure depends on where the Add-On Anchor Point is located for that menu.
You can move this Add-On Anchor Point to any menu location, again using the controls in Options > Work Environment > Menus and Toolbars.
If the Add-On Anchor Point is not part of your customized menu structure, then the additionally loaded Add-Ons will not be displayed in the menu either.
“Goodies” are another source of ARCHICAD Add-Ons. They are not integrated into ARCHICAD’s default interface. To access them, go to ARCHICAD’s Help menu and choose the ARCHICAD Downloads command, from which you can access a web page containing information on available add-ons and how to install them.
Once you have installed a Goody into the program, you can then customize the location of the associated menu commands as described above, and manage it with the Add-On Manager.
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