Send/Receive Changes in Teamwork

The Send and Receive commands send and/or receive changes – which have occurred since the last Send/Receive.
Changes to model data must be sent to the server and received by other users, in order for all users to have an up-to-date project.
Send/Receive commands involve refreshing BIM Server data, but these commands do not save anything locally on your machine.
Exception: If you do a Send or Receive, then close your project, a Save will automatically occur.
When you Receive from the server, your unsent modifications in your local copy are not affected – they remain intact.
When you work offline, your copy of the project is by definition out of sync with Teamwork server data. When you go online again, you must do a Send and Receive to ensure that your data and also the server data are up-to-date.
Warning: The project’s undo queue is cleared entirely whenever you issue any of the Send/Receive commands in Teamwork
This command is located at Teamwork > Project > Reload Project from Server.
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