Save Local Copy of Teamwork Project

The Save command refreshes this local data. The Save command does not create a PLN file, and it does not send your changes to the server.
Local data are stored in the Local Data Folder, which by default is located in your installed GRAPHISOFT folder on your hard drive.
To manage your local data (e.g. move it to a new location or to delete it), go to the Local Data Manager dialog box (Teamwork > Project > Local Data Manager).
If you wish, you can save your Teamwork project as a PLN file. (Use File > Save As, and choose PLN file format); this newly saved PLN will contain all project elements. This PLN file is solely a local file and cannot be sent to the server, but you can re-share the PLN file as a Teamwork project.
Recommendation: If you are working in Teamwork and suspect any kind of data error, the first thing you should do is to save your project as a PLN file.
This command is located at Teamwork > Project > Reload Project from Server.
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