Reserve Individual Views and View Map Folders

Reserving a view means that you reserve the right to:
Note: To move a view, you must also reserve the view’s source folder and its target folder.
In Public Views, use context menus in the Navigator to reserve the views that you need: right-click the view, then choose Reserve View Settings. Alternatively, select the view and click Reserve at the bottom of the View Map.
Note: To reserve a view, you must be assigned the role: Views and Folders – Delete/Modify. If you do not have this role, the corresponding commands are not available.
If the selected folder itself is available too, the command is: Reserve Folder with all available sub View Settings and Folders. (This will reserve the selected folder, plus all available items that it contains.)
To reserve a Clone Folder, select it and choose Reserve Clone Settings from the context menu.
Note: If you change clone folder settings but have not yet reserved all views in that cloned folder, you receive a reminder to this effect.
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