Feedback on Ownership of Teamwork Project Data

Blue – Free for Reservation. The Reserve button is available. (Clicking Reserve also means that the reserved data type will automatically be synchronized with the server to ensure it is up to date.)
Green – Editable. This data type belongs to you; you can modify or delete these data as needed, or Release them using the button to the right. Changes are sent to the server
Release and Comment. The data is released, and the Release event is added, in the form of a comment, to the Activities panel of the BIMcloud/BIM Server. You also have the option to send a message at this time.
Red – Reserved (by user name). The Request button is available.
Gray- Not Accessible. (The server is offline.)
Gray – No Access Right: You have no access rights at all regarding an attribute category (neither “Create” nor “Modify/Delete”).
A list of the Project Data owned by you is included in the My Workspace pop-up of the Teamwork Palette.
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