Save Custom Criteria Set (Teamwork)

Note: This interface is similar to ARCHICAD’s Find & Select dialog box.
Choose either Public Criteria Set (to make it available to all project users) or My Criteria Set (if you do not wish to share it).
Click Store to return to the Reserve Elements dialog box.
Criteria Sets that you create and store in the Reserve Elements dialog box are also available from the Find & Select dialog box.
In a Teamwork Project, stored Public Criteria Sets can be reserved through the Find & Select dialog box: click Reserve Public Criteria Sets from the Criteria Name pop-up. Public Criteria Sets are shown as underlined if they have not yet been sent to the server.
This reservation means that you alone have the right to modify any of the stored Criteria Sets. However, any user – regardless of reservation status – can create, use and store new Criteria Sets.
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