Overview of Teamwork Reservation

In ARCHICAD’s Teamwork, workspaces do not need to be reserved when starting work; you can create new elements freely, without the need to reserve anything. Anyone can create new elements or data; no reservation is needed to create something new. For example, anyone can create a slab, or save a new view, and send it to the server.
However, to modify or delete an element, attribute, or other data type from the shared project, you must first reserve that element/data type. Reservation can be done at any time as you work in ARCHICAD; you must be online.
As soon as you reserve an element or project data, the reservation data is registered on the server, and all other users receive feedback that the element is now reserved by you; the reserved element will not be free for others to use until you release it.
Elements. There are two ways to reserve existing elements:
Other Project Data. You can reserve many ARCHICAD data types, such as attributes and certain Navigator items, that are not elements.
Note: If you do try to reserve elements that are not up to date on your client machine, you will be alerted that a Receive is necessary before you Reserve.
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