Feedback on Element Ownership (Teamwork)

From the pop-up Colored Workspaces control of the Teamwork Palette (Window > Palettes > Teamwork), choose one of the options to help you easily identify the reservation status of project elements.
All with original Color: This is the default option, and essentially means that no reservation-specific colors are used.
Gray out Unowned Workspace: Everything which is NOT yours is shown in the Passive color. (Your own items are shown in their original colors.)
Show Reservation by Users: Each User’s elements are shown in the default user color, defined by the Server Administrator in User Settings.
Own elements/free elements/other’s workspace: Your own elements in your own color; free elements in the Free Elements color; others’ workspace in the Passive color.
Requested by me/From me/Other Elements: Requested by me and From me are shown in those respective colors; other elements shown in the Passive color.
These colors are defined in the Workspace Colors section of Options > Work Environment > On-Screen Options:
Editable (you can click Release if you no longer need it)
Free for Reservation (click Reserve if you need it)
Reserved (click Request to ask for it)
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