Request and Reserve Elements or Project Data (Teamwork)

The Request command is available from the following locations:
Click Request.
The Ownership Request dialog box appears, which includes:
Open Message: Same effect as double-clicking the item, or clicking on the fly-over message notice.
Mark as Read: Unopened messages are listed in bold typeface. You can remove the bold typeface using the Mark as Read command. (Double-clicking the message to open it will also mark it as read.)
Show Elements/Dialog: Zoom in to view the requested element(s) or to open the corresponding dialog box.
Deny Request. Click this if you do not want to release the elements. The elements remain in your workspace.
Grant Request: Click to approve the request. If you grant a Request, this means you have released the item, which is now instantly and automatically reserved by the user who sent the request.
In the Received Ownership Request message:
Apply View: Click this to open the attached view (if any) of the requested element(s). (This command only appears if a view is attached by the sender.)
Restore View: This button appears if you have clicked Apply View (see above). Restore View will return you to the previous model view.
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