Messaging (Teamwork)

Note: If you do not want to see these alerts, uncheck the “Show New Message Alert in Teamwork” box at Options > Work Environment > More Options.
The Messages panel, available from the Teamwork Palette, has three tabs.
The To Do list shows you items which await action from you. New messages arrive here, including notification of the outcome of your Requests. (for example, “Granted request: Elements on the 1. Story;” or “Denied request.”)
The Pending Requests list stores request messages sent by you, which are still pending.
The Completed list is a repository of messaging actions that are no longer pending and no longer require action by you. You can also move an item from the To Do list to the Completed list manually:
Select the item, then the Move to Completed command from the context menu or from the drop-down menu (if available).
Click the Move to Completed icon the bottom right corner.
Exception: If a message is expecting a response from you, then you cannot move it to the Completed list; you must first answer that message. (These messages are typically Requests, requiring an answer of Grant or Deny.) Once you answer with a Grant/Deny, then the message automatically moves to the Completed list.
To delete one or more messages from the Completed list, select them and click the Delete item at the bottom of the list.
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