Manage Local Teamwork Data

The Local Data Manager (Teamwork > Project > Local Data Manager) feature gives you feedback to help you manage the local data from Teamwork projects you have joined.
Local data are stored in your Local Data Folder, which by default is located in the “GRAPHISOFT” folder, under your user data, on your hard drive.
When you Leave a Teamwork project, the local data for that project are deleted automatically. The problem of unneeded data only arises for projects that you remain joined into.
To see the status and amount of local Teamwork data stored on your computer, go to the Local Data Manager dialog box (Teamwork > Project > Local Data Manager).
“Projects” are the locally saved data from your Teamwork Projects. (Project data includes the Embedded Library, but not any BIM Server Libraries).
“Libraries” are local copies of the BIM Server Libraries used in one or more of your Teamwork projects.
Each project is listed with:
Status: The local project data’s status with respect to the server, e.g. “Unsent Changes” or “Detached”.
Last Used: This date is the last time you accessed this project.
Each BIM Server library is listed with:
Status: The library’s status with respect to the server:
Last Used: This date tells you the last time the library was downloaded to your machine (usually, the last time you opened a Teamwork project using this library).
For any selected Project or Library in the list, view the Properties tab page for information on:
– the Name, Address and Availability of the Server or Module on which the project or library is located
– the Version, Size and Folder of the Project or Library
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