Join or Leave a Teamwork Project

As long as you are joined in to a Teamwork Project, you can Open or Close the project as many times as you like, without losing your reservations or dumping your local copy.
Note: Even if you leave (and not just close) the project and later re-join it, full library downloads will be not be repeated if the local library copy has remained on your machine. In contrast to the local copy of the project, which is discarded when you leave the project, the local library copy is not discarded when you leave the project.
When you finish working each day, do not leave the project; just Close it.
However, once you Leave the project (as opposed to closing it), you lose your reservations and dump your local copy. It is recommended that you do not leave the project unless you do not plan to work on it any more in the foreseeable future. Typically, you will leave a Teamwork project when you no longer participate in it.
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