GRAPHISOFT BIM Server: Features and Benefits

The BIM Server’s Delta Server™ technology reduces network traffic to a minimum for instant and reliable data-exchange, both within the office and over the Internet. In the BIM Server environment, long waiting times for server synchronization are a thing of the past: team members can collaborate in real-time on BIM models through standard Internet connections from virtually anywhere in the world.
The BIM Server’s robust system architecture ensures the integrity of the BIM project at all times. Any data errors from malfunctioning components are blocked, preserving the project’s integrity on the network.
The BIM Server was designed for Architects, not for IT professionals – so it works in any standard office setup through any standard computer network.
BIM Server supports both online and offline work: if ARCHICAD loses the connection to the BIM Server, users can continue to work with their already reserved elements. Once the connection is re-established, they will be able to send their changes to the BIM Server and Receive changes submitted by other users.
Built-in Teamwork Messaging boosts the communication between team members by putting the messages into context: simply select any element(s), write a comment and send it to a team member user for a review. A pop-up notification will inform the other user about the incoming message. After opening the message, he will be able to zoom to the element and read the message in context.
BIM Server Roles allow the browser-based BIM Server Manager to define different permission sets for the BIM Server users and assign them based on their responsibilities. It is very easy to limit the functions available for a specific user to prevent accidental damage or unwanted modifications to the project. Each user can have different Roles for different projects – to fit their responsibilities in that particular project. Even a view-only role can be created, allowing people to Join the project without being able to modify anything.
GRAPHISOFT has now developed this BIM Server technology further: the BIMcloud was developed to meet the needs of large international companies running multiple, complex projects. With its powerful features and sophisticated management tools, the BIMcloud offers much more than the standard BIM Server.
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